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Residential Applications

DuPont Apollo thin film modules can seamlessly integrate into your home or building and the city landscape, If it is a roof top application or a back yard project, we have many ideas to choose from.

If you are building a new home or renovating your existing one, adding solar panels to your roof is currently most economical and environmental friendly job you may ever do to your home. Over that your return on investment would be 6 - 7 years. Then you would have free electricity production to use or sell for over 20 years. It is fact with very high probability that our Canadian neighborhoods would not look the same 5 years from now. New home builders are starting offering solar panels on their roof and starting adding solar water heating systems in an effort to keep our environment cleaner than ever before.

With the current governmental incentives including the new Feed In Tariffs (FIT) offered by the Ontario Power Association (OPA), Home owners now would sell all or part of their electricity production back to the grid and get paid up to 80.2 cents per each KWh generated protected by a 20 years OPA contract.

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