Residential MIND Canada Technologies

Commercial Applications

In Commercial settings, DuPont Apollo modules may create a tremendous value, both economically and environmentally, bringing you peace of mind through the life of ownership. It generates electricity quietly from sunlight, without producing waste, noise or polluting the environment.

MindCanada provides turn-key solar PV system to Clients across the province of Ontario and the rest of Canada. With Clients at various levels of sophistication in terms of energy management and selected commercial facilities containing a wide range of technological and infrastructural challenges, MindCanada is flexible in its approach in order to engage the best available technologies and mounting techniques to the Commercial client.

MindCanada’s One Stop Turnkey Project deployment would include:

  • Solar array design, Procurement of Balance of System and Installation,
  • Compliance with OPA Feed In Tariffs Guidelines,
  • Management of legal agreements with the Local Distribution Company and others.
  • Connection to the electricity grid
  • Ongoing maintenance and monitoring of the system.

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