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Today more than ever, investing in a renewable energy system is more affordable, with a rate of return after deducting all expenses approaching 12%. There is no known current secured investments that may pay as much. If you need to invest your saved money in Ontario's solar future or if you want to build your own solar farm on your land or roof, please contact us.

If you are one of many Canadians wish to:

  • Produce your own electricity and lower your utility bill to zero.
  • Increase your property value.
  • Help make the environment more GREEN.
  • Benefit from Ontario's OPA-FIT & micro FIT programs.

Please contact us.

If you have financing challenges and willing and able to move forward, and did not succeed in securing funding. Please contact us.

Our mission is to provide the best renewable energy solutions to every energy consumer in Ontario and the rest of Canada. We are currently negotiating with numerous financial partners for residential, on-grid / off-grid and small commercial system financing.

We offer a truly turnkey solution backed by global brand leader:

Our program provides the best solutions because we:

  • Cover residential, on-grid / off-grid and commercial any size.
  • Offer guaranteed secured investments.
  • Provide ownership certificates (Own your own solar farm).

Contact us, and let us talk. We will discuss the best options for your investment and / or your solar farm installation.

MindCanada is the Canadian authorized reseller of KACO Inverters

MindCanada is the Canadian Distributor for TIGO Systems

MindCanada is a member of the Canadian Solar Industry Association ( CANSIA ).

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